Fit Tips Guidelines for buying the right size shoes

The Walking Cradle Company places the utmost importance on fit for every individual, making this a highly relative topic! The best way to know your proper size is to have your foot professionally measured and try on your footwear, but we also realize this isn’t possible when ordering shoes online. Poor fitting shoes cause immediate problems like blisters, pinching, corns, bunions and hammertoes, but they can also cause long-term problems that affect your body, causing discomfort and pain as you get older. At The Walking Cradle Co. we know that many problems women encounter are due to wearing the wrong size. More than 80% of women we have measured were, in fact, wearing the wrong size! The best way to achieve the best possible fit is by visiting a full-service shoe retailer and having your foot professionally measured. The most accurate way to measure feet is with a Brannock device. Most of us remember going to a shoe store with our parents and having this done as a child. But it is equally as important to do this as an adult. Chances are, your feet are not both the same size – this is actually the norm! Women are always telling us that they think their feet are weird because of this. Not the case! The thing is that you’ll need to compensate one way or the other when selecting your shoes. Most women choose to select the shoe to fit the larger foot. If this is the case, you might need to add an insole or heel liner to the shoe for the smaller foot. Another challenge in achieving the perfect fit is finding the proper width. Many women don’t realize that they need a different in their shoes, not a different size. Walking Cradles offers Narrow, Medium, Wide, Wide-Wide and even some Slim widths – we know that the proper width shoe is just as important as the proper size shoe! We do, however, realize that when shopping for shoes online that you do not have the opportunity to have your foot measured using a Brannock device. While we still strongly urge you to do so, we also want to provide some guidelines for buy your Walking Cradles online. Please read our tips below and then refer to the Size Conversion and Size Dimension Charts at the bottom of this page. Please note, this is just a tool to help determine the best possible size when ordering online – we still recommend visiting a full-service shoe retailer and having your feet professionally measured. Walking Cradles can be found at many wonderful shoe retailers throughout the United States who are experienced in measuring feet for a perfect fit – click on Walking Cradles Retailers to find one near you. Our mantra, “It’s A Matter of Fit!” was created because our mission is to provide shoes that fit great and feel amazing! At the end of the day, if you have forgotten to take off your shoes, then you have found the right shoes!

Helpful Tips For Proper Fit

  • No two feet are identical! In fact, many individuals may vary by half a size or more from their left foot to their right! If this is the case for you, opt to fit your larger foot. Inserts and heel cups can be found at local shoe and department stores to compensate for one shoe or the other. 
  • For best results when trying on new shoes, test your shoes toward the end of the day as your feet are most likely at their largest at this time. 
  • Wear the appropriate sock or lining that you would normally wear with the style shoe you are trying. 
  • Test your shoes on a clean, carpeted surface to ensure the shoes are in their original condition should you need to return them for a refund or exchange. 
  • Be sure to test them in stride: Walk around! Dance around! Think about how you plan to utilize your shoes, and test accordingly. 
  • Don't buy shoes that are uncomfortable or painful and expect them to stretch. Opt for a different size, width or style! 
  • Know your limits. If you aren’t typically comfortable in a high heel, opt for a lower heel. Save yourself the frustration and pursue the shoe that works best for you! 
  • Seek out styles that are similar in shape to your foot. There are a multitude of toe shapes including rounded, squared, almond, pointed, open, peep, etc.! Find the styles that work best for you! If you wish to select a pointed toe shoe, you may want to select a half-size larger than you would wear in a rounded toe shoe. 
  • We are on our feet more than half the time we are awake. Each step puts pressure equal to 3 times our body weight onto our feet – we need to protect this asset!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please contact us at

"Do your shoes run true to size?"

Generally speaking, Walking Cradles styles run true to size*. All Walking Cradles styles are fit tested across 8 sizes and widths, ensuring quality, comfort and proper fit in all of our offerings! In the rare occasion that we find a style runs a bit long or little narrow, there will be notations at in the description of that particular style. If we find any gross defects in fit or quality due to production or construction error, the style in question is pulled from retail shelves, returned to our warehouse, removed from our web-site and production is ceased. This very rarely happens, because again, all of our footwear is fit tested and either approved or denied once they arrive in our warehouse from the factory.

"What is the difference between a Slim, Narrow, Medium, Wide and Wide-Wide"

The widths progress from Slim to Narrow to Medium and so on, increasing in dimension across the top and bottom of your foot. Slim refers to AAA, Narrow refers to AA, Medium refers to B, Wide refers to D and WW refers to EE.

"My foot measures so many inches and/or centimeters, what size should I buy?"

The Walking Cradle Company cannot make size or fit recommendations based on consumer provided dimensions. We recommend having your foot professionally measured by a footwear retailer using a measuring device such as a Brannock. Some guidelines of size and width are listed below on a dimensional table. The provided table is based on approximations and does not guarantee proper fit. Our second best recommendation is opting for the size you most often wear! What size/width is most predominant in your shoe collection?

" Generally speaking, how does the industry determine size and width?"

Sizing is based on measurement from the back of your heel to the tip of your big toe. Width is determined by measuring across the widest part of your foot, typically at the “ball” or joint of the medial metatarsal and proximal phalanges (“MTP or Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint,” where the big knuckle of your big toe connects the long bones that stretch over the arch of your foot). However, it is important to note that depending on the shape and girth of your feet, size and width can vary; another reason why we prefer not to make size and width recommendations if not in person. Sounds a bit complicated, huh? We get it, so hopefully now you see why it takes a special device, like the Brannock to properly measure each unique foot!

"Where can I have my foot measured?"

Most full-service footwear retailers (sometimes referred to a “sit and fit store”) will have an appropriate measuring device to determine proper size and width. To find a partnering Walking Cradles retailer near you click here:

"I loved this particular Walking Cradles style, why can't I find it anymore?"

Chances are if you don’t see the style on our web-site, the style is no longer in production, and no longer available for purchase. Feel free to contact customer service if you would like recommendations on comparable styling! We simply ask for a style name, style number or pictures in order to make the most informed recommendation! If you should have any further questions, feel free to call customer service at 1-800-323-4979!

"Walking Cradles has expanded their style selection, does this mean you are phasing out certain styles?"

The Walking Cradle Company wants to assure you that each season we expand our line to include the season’s trend but also continue to offer our best-selling classic styles. Our designer Jamie is constantly at work developing fresh, new, on-trend assortments that include all of the quality and comfort features you’ve come to know and love from Walking Cradles while also adding new colors and materials to our most popular styles! Bottom Line: If you’ve fallen in love with a particular Walking Cradle from seasons past, we have most likely developed something similar for our collection that is newly engineered with contemporary styling, for better fit and fashion! If you love a particular style that we no longer carry, please contact our Customer Service at 1-800-323-4979 or and we are happy to recommend a shoe in our current line.

Conversion Charts